Good education for children in Indonesia is indispensable for a better future. School books and school furniture are very important. We desperately need your help and support, with your donation you make the difference!




I (Dennis) have been traveling through Indonesia since April to see where my roots are. In order to do something for the population, I have decided to do volunteer work. Since July 15, 19, I started as a volunteer with the Anak Bangsa Foundation ) in Lombok. This was founded in 2008 by the Dutch Jill Jurgens.In these 2 months I help give English language lessons to disadvantaged youngsters in high school and I help with activities in the After School Care Class.

I soon found out that the foundation should do it purely and solely through donations and so even the start-up of the foundation largely came from the founder’s own wallet. I only feel respect and admiration for this. That is why I would like to contribute more than just with my skills.

is a collection
campaign required?


Last year, summer 2018, Lombok was hit hard by several major earthquakes and Anak Bangsa also became a victim. It is imperative that there is new construction as the old building can no longer be saved. They started construction last week, this is partly subsidized by the local government, but it will also have to be set up later. Because there is no money for this and help is desperately needed , I have decided to help the Anak Bangsa Foundation with its own collection campaign!

With devices you can think of chairs, tables, blackboards and bookcases. But hard money is also needed to provide all students with the right amount of books. Now, for example, only part of the students have English textbooks.

I hope to be able to make the greatest possible contribution so that the foundation can continue to achieve their goal; giving underprivileged children the chance of a stable future through education!

Give these disadvantaged children a chance!


School books (€ 5), school chairs (€ 20) and school tables (€ 25) are very much needed. With a small contribution from you, the school and the disadvantaged children are helped a lot!

Will you help us build the future for these disadvantaged children? Donate via this page , because every bit helps!

It starts with education!

Because every child deserves a fair chance.

Via Instagram I will of course keep you informed of my activities at the foundation.

Terima kasih, thanks, thank you!


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